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A PC or Apple repair tech is a call or click away!

One minute, your computer seemed fine.  Then something happened … or maybe your computer has been slowing down, crashing, or misbehaving for some time. Either way, IST Computers offers a hassle-free service to fix your computer and prevent future problems, too.

Get help today, tomorrow, or right now

We have highly trained, professional, experienced, and carefully-selected computer repair experts in San Diego, and we’ll send the best-qualified tech to your home as quickly as possible — today or tomorrow in most areas. We also offer immediate remote support to help you right now!

Service type Description
IST service


When you call or submit a service request online, IST Computers will send a technician to you to pick your computer or laptop. Once at our repair facility, an experienced repair specialist will diagnose your machine and let you know what the best course of action is for your computer. When you take advantage of our unique IST service we can guarantee that your computer is fixed in the fastest, most cost effective way possible, and is back into your hands right away.

Don't know how to disconcent your computer? Don't worry. Our IST technician will not only disconnect it when he picks it up, but he will all so reconnect your computer we he drops it off. Submit a request using the button below.

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On-site service


When you call or submit a service request online, IST Computers will send a pre-screened, experienced expert to repair your computer and let you get back to normal life! Your tech will
  • Diagnose the problems you’re experiencing
  • Remove spyware, malware and viruses
  • Upgrade your security to prevent future attacks
  • Fix your internet connection, firewall, or home network
  • Resolve any software conflicts
  • Make sure your peripherals are all connected and configured properly — printers, PDAs, cameras and more
  • Clean any parts that may be causing trouble
  • Install new parts should you need them.

If your computer is in really rough shape, your tech can also send it to our depot repair facility for a complete overhaul, extending the life of your machine.

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Immediate remote support

Instant remote 
support for many computer problems

Need help RIGHT NOW? IST Computers can provide instant online computer repair for
  • General problem diagnosis & computer repair
  • Network security checks
  • Spyware removal
  • Virus removal
  • Internet connection assistance
  • Wireless network repair
  • Software assistance
  • Installation & configuration of peripheral equipment - printers, PDAs, cameras and more
  • Mysterious crashes and performance issues

We offer inexpensive fixed prices for remote sessions - call about our price list and get started now!

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Fixed fees save your hard-earned dollars

IST Computers is proud to be one of the lowest priced local computer repair services.  We offer a fixed rate per quarter hour of work, and we offer flat-rate pricing on our remote support services.

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  • Expertise: When you fill out a service request, we will send a home computer repair tech with experience in the type of problem you are having - the most qualified home computer repair tech for your specific requirement.
  • Customer satisfaction: Each of our techs must maintain extremely high satisfaction ratings (from you!) in order to continue in our program.
  • Save money: After the first hour, we’ll only bill you in 15 minute increments — not 30 or 60 minute increments like some other computer repair companies.

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