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IST Computers specializes in building high quality custom built desktop computers, gaming computers, laptops, workstations and servers. Buy a custom PC today, and get it delivered within 3-7 business days. For whatever your need may be call IST Computers Today 858-536-1115.

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Custom Computers

What do you need to know about building a desktop computer?

When selecting a computer, it is important to consider what it will be used for. Most people these days spend time on the internet, reading emails, working with documents, and doing basic photo or video editing. If you are going to be doing more intensive work, or if gaming will play a major part in your computer usage, then you may want to check out our Gaming, Media Editing, and Workstation pages.

Since extremely high performance isn't needed for the tasks most people do, it it more important to focus on price/performance ratio, features, and aesthetics. Here is some more detailed information on each of these categories:

  • Price/Performance Ratio: Even though top-notch performance isn't needed in an everyday computer, you still want to get the best value you can. This can be hard to judge sometimes on CPUs and video cards, but it is easy to check on memory (RAM) and hard drives.
  • Features: Most computer users don't need exotic hardware like a physics card or TV tuner, but there are items that almost everyone can use. You want to make sure you don't leave out any features which might want or need, but avoid ones that you don't plan to use (so that you aren't wasting money).
  • Aesthetics: When buying a custom desktop, you have the opportunity to design a system that meets your needs for size, form factor (shape), noise level, and visual appearance.
If you are in the market for a custom computer, or if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us.


When purchasing a laptop, there are many things you need to consider. In addition to the questions of performance and budget that you have with a desktop computer, there are other factors to consider. Such as 1) Unit-specific features, 2) Size and portability, and 3) Battery life.

For general office applications, you can easily get away with a low performance laptop, with which you will have good portability and long battery life. For more intense tasks like video editing or gaming, you may need a much more high performance laptop, which will be larger, heavier, and will have a shorter battery life.

Fortunately, we're here to help you! As a custom systems builder, helping you sort through all the choices and decisions is our specialty. We're happy to help! Contact us to Learn more...

all-in-one desktop replacements

All-in-one PC computers are really just a style of desktop computer system. They still have the same requirements in terms of features and function. The only difference is the number of components. All-in-ones have a single box that is the display and computer versus the desktop that is comprised of the computer case plus a separate monitor. This gives the all-in-one computer system a smaller overall profile than a desktop computer system.

Because all-in-one PCs use all the same components as a notebook computer, the performance levels are pretty much identical between the two types of computers. The only really compelling advantage that a all-in-one PC might hold is the size of the screen.. While all-in-one PCs generally come with screen sizes between 17 and 20 inches, what makes them stand out is the multitouch screen found on many new all-in-one PCs. Contact us to Learn more...


Whether your office is looking for a solid, reliable system for basic internet and email needs or you are doing advanced, CPU intensive calculations, IST Computers has got you covered.

Our Professional Workstation line is designed to represent all ends of the performance spectrum when it comes to business machines. Look to our Puget Workstation for basic office use. Email, Internet use, even basic media editing should not be a problem. If noise is an issue, check our our Silent Workstation. No one wants an office system that sounds like an airplane taking off, and this system is so quiet, you might not even know it is on! For those in need of the very best, the Liquid Cooled Workstation will give you top of the line performance.

To configure the best system for you and your office, feel free to give one of our sales representatives a call at 760-592-9120. We are always willing to help you pick out the right parts for the right price! Contact us to Learn more...


The term "server" has come to mean a whole lot of different things. We carry a variety of different servers, from small 1U custom rackmount servers, to enormous tower servers. We also have desktop servers, a complete line of custom rackmount cases, liquid cooled servers, single processors, dual processors and even 4-way / 8-way servers.

If you need a more customized solution, we have it! Whether you have specific needs in a rackmount case, or need a traditional tower server, our many options can suit just about any need...or any budget.

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Learning about network types and configuration remains incomplete unless we get to know the devices which help in communication between computers in any given network. Without the communication devices networks cannot be formed so knowing their names and what are their uses are equally important. To develop LAN network following network communication devices are required which are listed below:

Nic Adapters | Routers | Hubs | Switches | Gateways | Wireless Access Points | Modems | Cables

To have a technician go out and examine which devices can best benifit your home or business

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monitors and more

At IST Computers, you will find parts that we use in many of our computer builds. Because we only choose the best parts for our computers, we all so want to make sure that our customers can take advantage of these parts as well. If you are in the need of components for your computer, we sell:

Accessories, Additional Cooling, Aquarium Computer Parts, Cables and Adapters, Case, Case Mods, CD / DVD Roms, Controllers, CPUs, CPU Cooling Fans, Ext. Drives, Hard Drives, Keyboards, Liquid Cooling, Monitors, Motherboards, Mouse, Power Supplys, Ram, Removable Drives, Sound Cards, Speakers, Video Cards, and more... Contact us to Learn more...