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Computer Consultation: The computer industry is constantly changing at an ever increasing rate. The choice of which computer equipment to buy can be overwhelming for the average prospective computer buyer. Our staff subscribes to several major trade publications and is continually searching out new products, reviews and trends to help advise our customers. At IST we take a "Needs/Goals - Based" approach to specifying hardware and software. We look at the client's present needs and discuss future goals to arrive at a solution that will be of the highest utility now and at the same time preserve the customer's investment for the future.

Sales: We pride ourselves on the competitiveness of our prices. Low overhead makes this possible NOT inferior components. We purchase from several dozen sources so you can be sure that you have a wide selection of products to choose from and that these products are readily available for a timely delivery.

Quality Assurance: All hardware purchased from IST is burned in and tested, not just the computer itself but the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer or any other component and peripheral both internal and external. In other words, we don't just connect your computer to our laboratory monitor and keyboard and assume that yours will work properly, we test all of your actual components. We want to make sure that your investment works flawlessly from the first time you turn it on.

Delivery & Installation: All equipment purchased form IST is delivered to your place of business or to your home. Once delivered, the equipment is installed and put into service to ensure client satisfaction before we leave.

Service: IST responds quickly to any technical support need for either systems purchased from IST or existing equipment. Our commitment is to quickly respond to a call by providing immediate answers to questions over the phone or by an on-site visit

Why Choose IST Systems?

This is a legitimate question, because there are many good choices out there. We are happy to be part of an industry with such healthy competition, and we are confident that even with the tough competition we are a clear leader in our field.

  • We have an unwavering commitment to a high quality product line. This has become even more important in recent years, as more and more low quality items are hitting the market. The industry is being flooded with hyped products that do not perform as they should, and fierce competition is making it more important to be early to market than to put in proper development time. Through this chaotic process, the end user needs a skilled advocate to help identify true quality. IST Systems is committed to be this advocate, as one of our core values. We have the experience to know when to be suspicious, and we have the resources to test products for ourselves. If a product stands up to our expectations, we still continue to evaluate it over time. We have the volume to be able to use statistical data to identify reliability trends over time, but we're also small enough to be very responsive to what we find. If a product does not cut it, we don't sell it. We want to make sure that you as a buyer are comfortable choosing from any of our options, knowing that if we sell it, we stand behind it. It is worth noting that this is not always easy. There are some very motivated manufacturers that do not share these values, that can mount considerable pressure. The answers aren't always black and white, and things like marketing funds, kick-backs, deep discounts, and shared advertising can make decisions very complicated. We know this is why some of our competitors are selling parts we would not.

  • We are constantly self improving. Just as important to product line selection, is what we do with those products. We have carefully crafted each of our processes to generate self-feedback. Every support ticket opened, every RMA item, and every repaired computer is brought to the attention of all departments further up the line. We hold weekly feedback meetings, where every issue that needs it is discussed. It is very important to us that we not only set up firm feedback cycles, but that we establish clear lines of accountability. In our eyes, this is the best path to constant improvement. It has been amazing to see this in action. As time goes on, we solve problem after problem, making sure they do not have the possibility to happen again. And as each problem is solved, we can turn our attention to smaller problems. The cycle is never ending, as we simply keep moving to smaller and smaller issues.

  • We are available to you. We are proud of our transparency. Some of our competitors use tactics of providing as little detail about themselves as possible, to appear larger or more credible than they are. At IST Computers, we are confident in ourselves and our abilities, and view it as a strength to share as much information about ourselves as we can. Just give us a call or stop by! It has never made sense to us to hold anything back -- because PEOPLE are where the strength of any company comes from. This spirit of transparency carries over to all aspects of our business. We provide realtime tracking updates on every order, where you can see who performed what operation on your computer as it is assembled. We are happy to share with you why we have made the choices we have, such as why we moved to Corsair power supplies. This information helps you make more informed decisions, and it only strengthens us as well. We're excited to form a community with our customers.

  • We have a proven track record. Talk is just talk until you have proof. There are numerous resources you can use to make sure we are who we say we are. Start with our customer testimonials. You can also read our testimonials on Reseller Ratings, or read our media reviews. Or just Google our name...we're confident in the talk you'll find!
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Build a high quality product, offer outstanding support and your product will sell itself. This is a philosophy based on old fashioned integrity. It makes sense, and it works. Unfortunately, it has become a trend in the last decade for major computer companies to stop focusing on meeting the needs of their customers. Instead, many rely on flashy marketing techniques to make their lower quality systems look more appealing. Be careful when comparing their pricing to IST. Be sure not to fall for computer systems with misleading advertising and substandard parts!

As a custom computer specialist, IST Computers was founded with the goal to break the trend of low quality, one-size-fits-all computers and to provide systems with superior performance and reliability. We have gone to great trouble to structure our business in such a way that our goals are, by necessity, the same as yours! Because we have a commitment to the complete support of your computer system, we save ourselves time and money by providing the computer system that is least likely to fail. It seems perfectly logical and straight-forward to us: We can't imagine why some companies would use low quality parts. It just doesn't make sense! Furthermore, we do not hire salesmen. We hire qualified technicians. The people you talk to before your purchase are qualified to build that same computer and give you support after your purchase. We have better things to do than hire a kid without computer experience to feed you canned answers. It all ties back to our philosophy that the best way to run a business is to focus on your product. Get rid of the hype, and focus on your goal -- quality computers!

Our Strategy

Our growth strategy is always changing as we learn and expand. IST began by using common Internet advertising channels and search engines. We quickly learned what did and didn't work, and we've been able to make our advertising many times more efficient than it was when we started. Obviously, with the kind of business philosophy we have, our growth strategy relies heavily on word of mouth. The most encouraging aspect of our strategy is that we know that it works - our growth rate is nearly more than we can handle,and we are constantly updating our administrative systems and processes to scale with increased demand.

Our current business model drives down overhead costs, which lets us offer custom computers with relatively small margins. Ultimately, we give you a computer system that is hundreds of dollars below our competitors, with all the personal interaction and expertise that our customers have come to expect. We take great pride in the quality of our computers, and we don't waste time with anything that detracts from this goal. For more information on who we are, or for a list of references, please contact us! We look forward to speaking with you.

What do other people say about our company?

"We have been using the services of IST Computers for over 5 years now. We highly recommend them. They are responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with."
-Jamie, Law Offices of Stokes and Murphy

"I have been a customer of IST Computers for the past 2 plus years. I find them knowledgeable and reliable and very customer-service oriented. They work with me, rather than for me and explain things in a way that me, as a "non-computer type person" can understand. They are usually available and willing to give help via telephone. I cannot say enough good things about IST Computers."
-Juli Dodd, Retail Properties Group, Inc.

"IST Computers has provided us with computer technical support for over three years now. During this period of time they have been very responsive and knowledgeable. The quality of their work is superior to all those we have encountered. We went through several providers over the years and have stayed with them the longest! They really know what they are doing and we really appreciate the high quality and attentive service they provide. They are an excellent choice for your computer needs!"
-Kathleen Jennings (President), ET Search Inc.

Who are the people in our company?

George Volakakis, President
Michael Comer, Technical Specialist
Dale Bastow, Senior Engineer
Dale Novina, Office Manager

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