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IST's Online Data Backup Service is an Internet-based data protection service that allows you to routinely backup and recover important computer files using a secure and trusted server on the Internet.

If you are a CIO or Network Administrator, a healthcare provider, a regular home PC user, a remote employee, consultant or small business, IST's online backup service is a great way for you to protect your data. In fact, if you use your computer to create and save data for any business or personal reasons, that data is most likely pretty valuable to you or your company. You should be regularly making some type of backup, just in case of system failure, disk crash, lost laptop or just human error. These kind of events happen, and they can be costly if you have not performed regular backups.

To make the backup task easy and automatic, IST offers its Online Data Backup Service using our secure, user-friendly software. The software is designed to copy versions of your important files to a private, secure location on a scheduled basis, or on-demand when you have added important files that you want protected. While the data does travel over an Internet connection, it is securely wrapped in an impenetrable 448-bit encrypted envelope to prevent any chance of unauthorized access.

Protecting Business Data: If you are a sales or operations manager with off-site based employees, Online backup services are the perfect solution for you to be able to make sure your employees work and data are backed up in case of sudden tragedy, illness, theft, or termination. Our online backup service is also compliant with the security requirements of the HIPAA Act, which mandates that healthcare industry practitioners provide secure, encrypted off-site backup. Whether your backup is federally mandated or just good common sense, we can help ensure your data is safe.

Protecting Personal Data: Even personal computer users need a back up copy of their data. The "System Recovery Disk" that comes with your computer will not recover your personal files. What this means is that any work you have used your computer for since the day you bought it, is lost if disaster strikes. This includes: your emails, favorite places, financial records, research, kids pictures, homework, or your home business files. All of this important data can be gone forever if disaster strikes.

With IST's Online Backup Service you get:

  • 24 hour-a-day access to your data using any Internet connection
  • Off-site, 448-bit encrypted, secure storage
  • We actively monitor the quantity and quality of your backup
  • We will contact you in the event we see unusual patterns in your backup
  • Automated, background backups
  • Storage of multiple versions of your most valuable files
  • No local storage devices to configure or extra media to buy
  • HIPAA Compliant

If you have a decent Internet connection on your computer or network, you can use IST's Online Data Backup Service on a daily basis to keep your important files safe from disaster. The service saves each revision of your files, so you can always restore the latest, or any of the previous backed up versions (up to 30 backed up versions prior to the most recent).

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Business and Corporate Users:

  • Do you have employees or virtual workers?

  • Do you travel with a laptop?

  • Do you have bids, quotes, or other important information stored in your data files?

  • Could you easily recover from one of many disasters that strike?

  • Is your contact list and accounting data important to your business?

  • Is your email history and addresses important?

Home Computer Users:
  • Do you do some or all of your work from home?

  • Do your kids have homework and project assignments on the PC?

  • Do you have countless memories stored in pictures and files?

  • Do you have your computer set up, just the way you like it where everything works perfect for you?