Online Backup Service - Subscription and Installation

Thank you for considering using our backup service. Below are the simple steps to getting up and running. Once the backup is set up, we will help you with getting the most out of our service. We may call you in the days following the initial setup to discuss fine-tuning your backup. You will get an email each day from the backup program itself indicating the status of the preceding backup. We get this email as well and examine it each day to insure things are working properly. If you want to start the process now and are ready to begin the installation and configuration, then go directly to our detailed setup instructions page located HERE.

Overview of How to Get Started
1 Call our office at 858-536-1115 to obtain an account username and password
2 Download the Backup Client program from the link below
3 Follow the detailed setup instructions HERE
4 Carefully select the files you want to back up. Use out guide HERE for assistance
5 Use the service for 15 days, then we'll work out the billing details with you

Backup Client Program Details:

Download Backup Client ProgramIST Backup Service Client
File Size: 7.96 MB
Version: 5.1
File Date: 5/9/2003
Operating Systems: Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000 and XP.

 Powerful, Innovative Backup

Protecting Business Data

If you are a sales or operations manager with off-site based employees, Online backup services are the perfect solution for you to be able to make sure your employees work and data are backed up in case of sudden tragedy, illness, theft, or termination. Our online backup service is also compliant with the security requirements of the HIPAA Act, which mandates that healthcare industry practitioners provide secure, encrypted off-site backup. Whether your backup is federally mandated or just good common sense, we can help ensure your data is safe.

Protecting Personal Data

Even personal computer users need a back up copy of their data. The "System Recovery Disk" that comes with your computer will not recover your personal files. What this means is that any work you have used your computer for since the day you bought it, is lost if disaster strikes. This includes: your emails, favorite places, financial records, research, kids pictures, homework, or your home business files. All of this important data can be gone forever if disaster strikes.