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Thank you for coming here to learn more about our backup service. I respect your time so I am going to get directly to the important points of the service. This page is a summary of the website. In the 15 years IST has been in the computer support business, I can tell you that the most neglected and least understood feature of a computer system or network is the backup. No matter how well it is set up and no matter what kind of plan is in place, invariably it ends up not working when it is needed the most. It is NOT a technical problem! It's an administrative one! Our service takes the administrative (and technical) burden off of you and places it with us. The frame to the right illustrates but a few types of files that may be valuable to you. Imagine if these files were lost. Below are the key things to know about our service presented in the approximate order of implementation:

  • Our office must first be called to open an account and obtain a username and password.

  • A small program is installed on one or more of your computers. The program sends a selection of your files through the Internet to our servers each evening. The files are compacted and encrypted using 448-bit encryption before leaving your network.

  • Your files are stored encrypted on our servers and are unreadable to anyone but the key holder (you).

  • The service is designed to backup the most valuable 1-10 GB of your data. Only the files your business could not do without should backed up.

  • The data is safe. We use a commercially available product that is specifically designed to do backup over the internet. The product uses an encryption stronger than that used by the Government and is compliant with the stringent HIPAA requirements of the health industry.

  • Your data is stored on state-of-the-art multiple-redundant equipment. Our servers are backed up several times daily and in addition to that, your data is backed up in near real-time... 5 seconds after your data is saved to our servers, another server backs it up file by file.

  • The main thing that differentiates our service from others is the fact that we monitor your backup on a daily basis. We watch for statistical trends in your backup and alert you in the event we see something unusual.

  • The pricing is based on how much storage your data occupies on our servers and the number of separate computers being backed up. The data is compressed, so our 1 GB plan can backup somewhere around 2 GB of your data, for example. Pricing details are HERE.

  • You can use our service free for two weeks. We do not need any information other than the username and password you want to use and a phone number in case we need to contact you.

  • Within a day or two, we can establish exactly how much data needs to be backed up and try to resolve any PC or network issues  you may have.

  • Billing details will be worked out when we know how much data we have to deal with. We can either bill you monthly, quarterly or annually and can take a company check or credit card.

  • In the event you need to cancel our service, we will retain your data indefinitely unless we need to recover the space or you request for us to purge it. If at a future date, you wish to recover your data, we will bill you for the number of months since service cancellation at the same rate as the plan at the time of cancellation plus any media and delivery costs.

I hope you see the value in our service. Please note that if online backup does not meet your needs, we can come up with an alternate plan that best matches your requirements. Feel free to browse the rest of our site, especially the frequently asked question section HERE. As always, you can call me personally at 858-536-1115 to discuss details or special requirements.

Thank you very much for your time,

George Volakakis, President
IST Computers

 Powerful, Innovative Backup

What would happen if
you lost your:

  • QuickBooks or other Accounting Files

  • Outlook or Outlook Express email

  • Address Books

  • Favorites and Shortcuts

  • All your Word and Excel Documents

  • Family Pictures

  • Proposals and Presentations

  • Mileage Logs

  • Homework

  • The list goes on and on

Know that you are protected if:

  • Your Hard Drive Crashes (this does happen!)

  • Your Computer is Stolen

  • A Virus or Worm Corrupts Your System

  • You Accidentally Delete Critical Files

  • A Disgruntled Employee Deletes Files